5-12 March 2016

10.10.2015          Wild Card Casting

12.10-24.11         Exploration of new tracs

30.11.2015          End early booking
31.01.2015          Closing entry.
05.03.2015          Scruteneering Ouarzazate

4 different tracks, 2 different challenge levels.

We know, challenge and fun factor depending on vehicle, experience and driving skill are different. One track will always be a compromise.

Tuareg Rallye offers more. 4 different tracks, 2 different challenge levels. Optimised with the responses of our regular questionnaire.

Car Pro track

Tech Specifications Tech Specifications Tech Specifications Tech Specifications

Rallye vehicle are getting more and more perfect and costs increase. This is the answer:

+ Specification of low cost vehicle in car and motorbike group.

+ Reduction of side cost.

+ Same low cost equipment, same chance.



Ebay 1000 €

Newcommer save 50%





We will spend 5 weeks in Oktober and November to prepare and controll roadbook for next event.

Ladevorgang läuft...

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Motorbike Pro track

Car Amateur track

Motorbike Amateur track

You can select


At Motors TV.
55 Minutes, 42 country’s

Martin Utberg, known as Moderator of the Tuareg Rally, describe the last Tuareg Rallye.

Tuareg Rallye on Television Casting Guided Rallye Wildcard Casting 10. Oktober

Offroadpark Saverne in Steinbourg, 30km westlich von Straßbourg (Frankreich)

Koordinaten: N48°45'8.87" E7°25'52.52" Beginn für alle ab 12:00 Uhr.


Annette Zierau

Jürgen Fehringer

Philipp Leis

Cornelia Schrack

Andreas Tank

Nicole Ott

Lukas Lemper

Annerose Faust

Bjoern Behlert

Jan Brucker

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