5-12 March 2016

That´s unique. Racetrack adapted to your personal demands

4 different tracks, 2 different challenge levels.

We know, challenge and fun factor depending on vehicle, experience and driving skill are different. One track will always be a compromise.

Tuareg Rallye offers more. 4 different tracks, 2 different challenge levels. Optimised with the responses of our regular questionnaire.

Car Pro track

Tech Specifications Tech Specifications Tech Specifications Tech Specifications Back to the roots. Newcomer group.  Low cost, less preparation, same chance.

Rallye vehicle are getting more and more perfect and costs increase. This is the answer:

+ Specification of low cost vehicle in car and motorbike group.

+ Reduction of side cost.

+ Same low cost equipment, same chance.



Ebay 1000 €

Newcommer save 50%





Motorbike Pro track

Car Amateur track

Motorbike Amateur track

You can select

Audience measurement of 3 Million in 42 countrys

Because of this high audience measurement Motors TV will again report about the Tuareg Rallye 2016.

A big team of medical offroad vehicles, sweeper trucks and pickups enables the Tuareg Rallye to safeguard large dune sections.

Enduro driver like enduro driving.
Because of this Enduro Pro will have special enduro sections.

The labyrinth

Several kilometer wide dry river delta. Only with the correct use of the compass you will find the easy way out.

Crossing of sanded mountains

The easy way is in the valley. But the Tuareg track crosses the mountains several times on small paths. We spend a lot of time to find them. They are not easy. They are are impressing and thats why we select them..

 The narrow Fint valley

The Fint valley is one of the most beautiful valleys in morocco. Manny people live in this oasis and a special will not be possible. We find the narrow brother. Long, narrow and in the middle a small village several hours away from next civilisation.

Thats unique!
The Tuareg Rallye is the only rally with more than 400 km dunes.

Highlights 2016

4 different race tracks

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06.03.2015         Mountain stage to Zagora
07.03.2015         „The Wall“ 2km sandwall

08.03.2015         „Kingstage“ 250 km dunes

09.03.2015         „Dune Race“  
10.03.2015         „Observatory“ Finish beside  

11.03.2015         „M´Hamid“ All kinds of landscaps

12.03.2015         „Final Stage“ Big Winnerparty



End of December

129 vehicle in competition already entered

Highlights 2016
- Crossing of sanded mountains.

- The Labyrinth

- Lonesome Fint valley

Why we are driving rallye?
Because we love dunes

Tuareg Rallye again on TV Part 2

Das Mietfahrzeug Angebot unseres Partners “Race for Fun” macht es möglich. Nenngeld + Miete Fahrzeug + Transport Fahrzeug + Transportservice auf Rallye + Flug ca. 2900 Euro pro Person.