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Since more than 15 years the Tuareg Rallye is an essential element of the international rallye schedule. An outstanding safety concept, perfect organization and the special spirit of the event ensured a steadily growing number of participants.

Fast pistes, tricky trails and a whole lot of sand and dunes make rallye hearts leap for joy. Perfectly matched stages are the reason why this event is an absolute must in your diary. Not only for those who have been around in motorsports but also for rallye rookies.

This website’s category Your Roadbook will give you an impression of what makes the spirit of the “Tuareg” so special.

Compared to most others rallye events the level of our safety concept is significantly higher and by far more effective.

During the past 15 years we have constantly improved our standards in safety and medical support. Today we can rely on proven procedures and are able to provide you quickest assistance and support ever…

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The Tuareg Rallye will be devided into categories:


  • Car Pro
  • Car Amateur
  • Truck
  • Quad
  • Buggy
  • Side by Side
  • Motocycle Pro
  • Motocycle Amateur

+ Special categories


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The first time it´s only a rallye – from the second time on it is meeting friends!

Dietmar Salcedo Dietmar Salcedo

Service truck driver