Technical regulations

Tuareg Rallye 2020

Participants of the Tuareg rallye

The rallye event is license-free.
All persons over the age of 18 who are able to drive off-road and have a valid driver’s license and passport are eligible to participate.


  • Passport with Visa (on person)
  • Driver's license (on person)
  • Vehicle registration (on the vehicle)


All vehicles that are approved for use on public roads and that are suitable for driving off-road are eligible to participate.

Condition of the vehicles

The vehicles must be in a roadworthy condition. Conversion measures that do not endanger the driver and other participants are allowed.

Technical specification motorcycle & quad

  • Safety helmet
  • Tank range min.180 km

Technical Equipment SUV & Side by Side without Raid Group

  • 4-point safety belts (not Raid)
  • Safety helmet
  • Cage (not Raid)
  • Splash guard
  • Recovery harness & 2 shackles
  • Shovel
  • Spare tire
  • 2 sand sheets
  • Tank range 360 ​​km (with service team 180 km)

Safety equipment

The safety equipment is for the protection and self-help of each participant.
In your own interest everyone should pay attention to the proper condition. The safety equipment will be at the technical inspection at the beginning of the rally and before the start of each stage controlled.

  • GPS with active tracklog 5 seconds SPOT switched on
    (will be provided on site)
  • 1 mobile phone; min. 80% charged, charging cable + power bank
  • 4 liters of water per person
  • On-board tools
  • Safety kit consisting of:
    1 rescue blanket
    1 lighter and first aid bag (please note the expiry date)