Tuareg Rallye 2020

20.03.2020 - 27.03.2020

Pre Tour is finished!

At this moment the pre tour of the Tuareg Rally 2020 ends. We have collected many impressions and searched for many new, scenic routes for you.

The route now develops on the basis of pictures, waypoints and experiences.

We will give you an overview of the track as soon as it is definitely fixed.

But one thing’s for sure:
100% Special!
No Liaison Stages!

The Track

We have listened carefully to what wishes, news, landscapes you liked. In 2020 we will use the endless possibilities of Algeria and drive a completely new route. From Bechar, the famous desert metropolis of Algeria, we drive in 7 days via Beni Abbes, the largest lake of the Algerian Sahara, the Sebkhet el Melah to Timimoun, the famous oasis city in the center of the Sahara.

100% Special!
No liaison stages!
This mark again the Tuareg Rallye 2020!


Choose your Category


Included in the entry fee


High level catering with breakfast and dinner. Water in the camp and on the stage. 

Accommodation Camping

Camping in your own tent or vehicle. Use of sanitary facilities. Additional hotel booking possible for an extra charge. Limited hotel capacity.

Rallye Organisation

New and varied routes. Multiple controlled roadbook. Fast, controllable evaluation. Narrow-meshed line monitoring Fun, adventure, good mood and an unforgettable award ceremony.

Technical Help

Several sweeper trucks, Several Pickup, Motorcycle towing until camp, Cars towing until road, Truck technical assistance.

SPOT Tracker

Satellite-supported monitoring and emergency alerting. Issue of loan unit at the acceptance on site. Deposit (150€).

Medical Help

Proven and highly effective rescue system for many years. Protection under all weather conditions. Experienced medical team.


Due to the good experiences from 2019 we have shortened the travel time to Algeria about one day. As a result, the rally ended one day earlier. The ferry on Sunday can be reached more easily. The optimized timetable reduces the time spent by the service teams about half of a week.

BY Plane

Bechar and Timimoun have an airport. A group transfer from the airport to the camp is not necessary. Beginning and end of the rally is chosen in such a way that a favorable scheduled connection can be chosen.


You can choose

Arrival Informations

The arrival schedule for the Tuareg Rally 2020 in Algeria is ready.

We recommend all participants who arrive with a vehicle to travel via Almeria to Oran. 

Only there we can support you from the organization and our partners with the entry and customs.

Please also remember to enter your details in your customer area so that we can send you an invitation to apply for a visa.

Additional Informations

Good to know



Navigation for all groups except service with the help of roadbook, trip master and GPS. At GPS we recommend Garmin products. The GPS must have a track recording function. Service vehicles drive on asphalt roads and easy slopes. Maps with directions and GPS tracks can be downloaded a few weeks before the rally.


Luggage transport

Luggage and, if required, vehicle transport is handled by service teams.
The Tuareg Rallye organisation offers luggage and motorcycle transport from Ulm and Munich.

Hotel instead Camping

Instead of accommodation in the camp, accommodation in the hotel can also be booked through the organisation.


We will inform you when you can book the hotels. We recommend staying overnight in the camp to feel the special atmosphere

Pillars of safety


Inside the track the organisation will support a narrow and effective network of checkpoints with additional medical and technical support vehicles.


Beside the track the algerian police will protect us with a second safty system.

From Sky

Satelit based GPS Tracker will always show us were you are. If you have a problem you can call for assitance.


Good international ranking

Offical international comparison shows Algeria is safer than most European countries. The criminal risk is about the same level as most european countries. Our additional benefit: We will stay in the desert, not in the big and more dangoures cities. For terrorism risk Algeria is saver than most european countries. Our additional benefit: The algerian police which protects us aginst the risk of the desert will also protect us against other risks.


Camp Infrastructure

Desert Camp in Dakar style

Own tents

Stay in your own private tent. Clean and no limitaion of place.


Breakfast and Dinner by high level catering Premium Team Add on: Extra meals and drinks.

Toilet & Shower

Dixi Toilets and Shower by Orga Premium team Add on: Mobile solar shower & toilet .

Add on Hotel

Limited rooms capacity.


Vehicle Insurance I Visa I Customs

The car insurance policies of most countries do not cover Algeria. We are offering a car insurance through our Algerian partner. It is included in the entry fee.

For this we need all data of your vehicles. Please complete in the customer area.


Let your service team do it for you

Algeria requires a visa. We recommend that you organise your stay via an appropriate visa agency. More detailed information will be available here in September or October.

Ask your question

Buy food in Algeria

We ask you to inform yourself what is allowed to be imported and what is forbidden. We know the algerian authorities don’t approve binoculars and drones. We expect increased controls on the import of alcohol. The import of meat and other animal products can lead to problems. Each service team and participant will act in their sole discretion. 


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